Instagram has deleted Madonna’s post spreading the COVID

Instagram deleted a video that started Madonna‘s feed after flagging the post for spreading false information about COVID-19.

According to screenshots shared on Twitter, the pop singer’s caption claimed a vaccine for the virus had been available for months, while the rich became richer, the poor and sick.


The video features Stella Immanuel, a pediatrician in Houston who lost credibility for promoting conspiracy theories about anti-malarial drugs hydroxychloroquine and sexual demons, as well as against LGBTQ, according to the report. Automatic sheet. Instagram has blurred the clip and labeled it as false information.

The truth will set us all free! Madonna wrote, praising Immanuel as my hero. But some people don’t want to hear the truth. Especially those with power make money from this long-running vaccine search.

Madonna representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment by The Times on Wednesday.

According to the Guardian, fellow pop musician Annie Lennox was among those condemning Madonna‘s post.

The video in question was filmed at an event in which Immanuel claimed to have successfully treated more than 350 patients with hydroxychloroquine.

She is also called research that refutes the effectiveness of the drug. The fake sciences and encourage the public not to wear masks. Proven mask to prevent infection.

In March, Madonna described COVID as a great equalizer. From a bath full of petals, she said: It’s scary that it makes us all equal in many ways, and the great thing is, it makes us equal in many ways.


In May, she said she tested positive for COVID antibodies and said she and her team were infected by the virus at the end of their winter trip. At that time, we all thought we had severe flu, she said.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that Madonna had donated 1 million euros to an EU-organized fund to find a vaccine for Covid-19.

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