As TikTok continues to thrive, “veteran” figures like Instagram are also hoping to attract some creators with the launch of a direct competitor, Reels, to debut at More than 50 countries today, including the US, UK, Japan, and Australia, on both iOS and Android.

Similar to TikTok, Reels allows people to create short-form videos that can be set to music that can be shared with friends and followers and discovered while browsing the app.


This is the latest opportunity for Instagram to give users, increase the amount of time people spend on the app every day, and set it up as a video entertainment platform.

Reels allow people to shoot videos up to 15 seconds long and add popular music, as well as a range of filters and effects, on top of them.

For creators who want to use Instagram Reels as a new way to build the sequel, Instagram revamped its Discovery page to create a specific Reels destination at the top of the screen that people can scroll. vertically – similar to TikTok‘s Friend Page.

Both public and private options are available. If you want to become the next Charli D’Amelio, having a public profile will allow your Reels to be widely discovered.

For those who want to share with friends, Reels created in a private account will only post to one person’s Feeds and Stories. This feature lives entirely within Instagram. This is not a new application.

Reels’ debut comes when TikTok faces President Donald Trump’s potential U.S. ban or a partial acquisition by Microsoft.

ByteDance also said Sunday that Facebook was one of the troubles on its way, accusing the company of stealing its product with Instagram Reels. Robby Stein, product manager for Instagram, said that while TikTok popular short video format, the two products are different.


I think TikTok deserves a lot of credit for popularizing the formats in this space and it’s just a great job, Stein Stein, the expert told The Verge. At the end of the day, however, no two products are exactly alike, nor do we.

It’s a familiar line to those who remember when Instagram first launched the Story in 2016 and the company was accused of creating a Snapchat clone.

Stein said his team received very similar feedback when we launched the Story. But Instagram Stories has quickly surpassed Snapchat in everyday users and continues to be a huge success.

That history of success is one of the most powerful reasons why Instagram‘s team thinks it can pull Reels away. TikTok did that first, but maybe Instagram could do it better.

Part of that strategy is to focus on what Stein believes Instagram does best: create technology that is easy to use for anyone who wants a video-making experience.

When opening Instagram to create a reel, people will be able to slide to a new part of the camera that comes with a bunch of tools. Film rolls can be recorded at the same time or as a series of clips or people can upload videos from their photo library.

The camera’s new features are similar to TikTok, with options to adjust speed, apply special effects, set timers, and add sound.

The Instagram product group is positioning the Instagram camera around a few core formats, according to Stein. The story is designed like a social feature – quick little paragraphs people want to share with their followers.

Reels are designed for entertainment purposes, an area that Instagram wants to focus on. Part of that focus includes redesigning the Discovery page.


More than 50 percent of people use Instagram‘s Discovery page in a month, Stein said, and now there will be a dedicated center for Reels. This is essentially Reels’ equivalent to pages for you on TikTok, a place for creators to spread or find new followers.

You will be great with entertainment and make Discovery a regular place for you to lean back, relax, be inspired every day, according to Mr. Stein Stein. I hope that with this format, we have a new entertainment program on Instagram.

Reel’s biggest difference from TikTok is its binding to the ecosystem that encompasses Instagram, Stein said. People can send Reels to their friends directly on Instagram and they can use AR filters and tools specifically for Instagram – everything that people want to do is part of the existing network.

TikTok and Instagram are not just camera products. They are a community of established and growing creators. Stein says the company’s main goal is to support the entire creator ecosystem, including providing creators with the ability to expand their reach on the platform and add new tools to do so for their videos to pop up.

For now, however, Instagram will not pay popular creators for their videos, as TikTok has begun to offer.

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