Manchester United won the QF Europa League place in a 2-1 victory with LASK

Former Europa League champion Manchester United booked a place in the quarterfinals after their second team plunged into a 2-1 win at home to LASK Linz on Wednesday to set a 7-1 aggregate rate of the Austrian team.

United‘s reward was a clash with FC Copenhagen in Cologne on Monday after the Danish team beat Istanbul Basaksehir 3-0 at home earlier on Wednesday to clear the first-leg deficit with a 1-0 score.


United, who won Europe’s second-class club competition in 2017, seem to be experiencing movement and lagging behind a spectacular goal by Philipp Wiesinger in the 55th minute before Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial answered.

Almost assured of progress after a 5-0 win over LASK in March, United‘s coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer launched a team under power at Old Trafford and they looked completely at sea for an hour.

Solskjaer said sideline players need to run out to stay in shape for United‘s trip to Germany, where later stages of the competition will be played in a small tournament, as his goal is to very high season end.

Defender Andres Andrade hit the crossbar on the visitors’ goal in the 10th minute and Husein Balic fired home from the ensuing dispute before striker Marko Raguz twice came close in the first half.


LASK took the deserved lead when United cleared half the corner and Wiesinger gave home goalkeeper Sergio Romero no chance with the first shot screaming from 25 meters into the top corner.

The lag behind eventually motivated United to act and Lingard equalized after a cross that tore through Juan Mata’s defense, giving him time and space to head his shot past goalkeeper Schl Schlager.

The player who came in later than Martial completed United‘s comeback tonight in the 88th minute when his shot from the edge of the box crossed the line after crossing Schlager.

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